Zyzz admits to steroid abuse

@MelbourneStar like you see people still don't know his ethnicy that's why i told you to change the first sentence :P @KpoT seems like you have no clue about zyzz because he said very often he is kurdish from armenia and born in russia (zyzz born in russia, parents born in Armenia, but neither russians or armenians but kurds) zyzz said this on his formspring very often, also chestbrah did. so should say something like "Shavershian was an Russian-born Australian, ethnic Kurdish bodybuilder... Or the first sentence could stay and the second one could be like "Shavershian was an ethnic Kurd from Armenia." just to make this whole discussion clear

I need to share this with you because you are really wrong.
I am going to comnent your guide for natural bodybuilders.
I used to play hockey since kindergarten. I quit playing when I was about 13yrs old. I first hit the gym when I was like 17yrs. After 8 months of training I had 5% body fat, 192 pounds. I am 178 cm, 5 10 like Greg. All natural, no single suplement in my diet. Now when I am 33 years old, I have 189 pounds and 13% of body fat. Thetefore I need to mention I am on and off with workouts for the last 10 yrs. I used to party like an animal for the decade, no healthy food, s lot of buzz.. At one point I had 240 pounds and 26% of body fat. That happend because I was eating way to much and no exercise at all. I was like a pig. But my message is, yes, you can have 185 pounds at 5 10 being 100% natural.
Thanks for an opportunity to share this with you guys.
Wish you all best

Maybe I’m just from a different generation but watching that youtube video had me laughing so hard at that “Jyzz” guy or whatever he calls himself. Having never been acquainted with him or any of his videos, I kept wondering if this was a parody of the *real* Zyzz. But no, evidently that sad fella is the real deal. Firstly, working out is great and all, but there is something called balance, and that body of his was just too much. It’s all an external shell covering up an empty inside. Any woman of quality will see through that a mile away. Secondly, men who are not complete idiots don’t say “Brah” every four seconds. Just my two cents, take it for what it’s worth.

Zyzz admits to steroid abuse

zyzz admits to steroid abuse


zyzz admits to steroid abusezyzz admits to steroid abusezyzz admits to steroid abusezyzz admits to steroid abusezyzz admits to steroid abuse