Types of steroids used for copd

Before appreciating the positive effects of steroids you should understand the working process. They are natural or synthetic compounds that regulate functions of your body. The synthetic compounds imitate the effects of anabolic hormones like testosterone and are known by names like ‘juice’. The user experiences the effect of testosterone of a higher degree with increased muscle mass, endurance and fat loss. This benefits in athletes as they can add inches on their biceps rapidly while working out. Furthermore, the steroid can be injected directly into the specific muscle that the athlete needs to be enlarged letting them choose the muscle distribution.

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Renal (kidney) involvement is common, occurring in 30-70 % of patients. Kidney disease is usually noted after the onset of systemic symptoms. More marked findings may also occur including nephrotic syndrome, a situation characterized by abnormal excretion of proteins and lipids in urine, swelling (edema), low level of albumin in blood and hyperlipidemia. High blood pressure (hypertension) and acute kidney failure may also be seen. Worsening of the kidney symptoms and biopsy-confirmed worsening of the kidney lesions may be observed in patients with repeated attacks of rash or hematuria (blood in the urine).

Types of steroids used for copd

types of steroids used for copd


types of steroids used for copdtypes of steroids used for copdtypes of steroids used for copdtypes of steroids used for copdtypes of steroids used for copd