Steroids for cough during pregnancy

November 2011
Many sufferers of whooping cough find that eating or drinking certain things provokes a coughing spasm. I have been passed anecdotal information from ., a paediatric speech and language therapist in the UK who has suggested that some coughing spasms may be due to liquid nourishment leaking past the vocal cords into the windpipe. The theory being that whooping cough might be causing some weakness of the vocal cords (it certainly can cause voice changes). I understand that she has found that thickening liquids before drinking can help this problem. Liquids should be thickened to the consistency of syrup before drinking, using a proprietory thickening agent that can usually be obtained from a pharmacy. One such product that should be easily available is 'ThickenUp® Clear', made by Nestle.
If you suspect liquids are provoking some coughing, this is probably worth a try.
September 2015
I have had a little feedback on this which has not supported its usefulness.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics the use of cough medicine to relieve cough symptoms is supported by little evidence and thus not recommended for treating cough symptoms in children. [4] There is tentative evidence that the use of honey is better than no treatment or diphenhydramine in decreasing coughing. [16] It does not alleviate coughing to the same extent as dextromethorphan . [16] A trial of antibiotics or inhaled corticosteroids may be tried in children with a chronic cough in an attempt to treat protracted bacterial bronchitis or asthma respectively. [4]

Steroids for cough during pregnancy

steroids for cough during pregnancy


steroids for cough during pregnancysteroids for cough during pregnancysteroids for cough during pregnancysteroids for cough during pregnancysteroids for cough during pregnancy