Steroid injection greater trochanteric bursitis

I am about to receive my second steroid injection; this time by ultrasound guidance; for suspected trochanteric bursitis. The first one 3 months ago did nothing at all. My specialist ordered a second MRI which I understand is not that conclusive. The pain has been waking me up for the past 4 months despite the use of analgesia and more recently sleeping tablets. To make the issue more complex my physio disagrees with the diagnosis; she believes that it is a spinal problem after physical assessment; more specifically L2.
My actual site of the pain is not according to my physio in the area expected. I am forcing myself to walk (as not been advised not to) at least an hour every day by the Nordic walking method. Nordic walking method is helpful for my performance and I hope will keep me mobile.
It is also very good for the state of your mind!
I would like to say how depressing chronic pain is as well as the fact that the healthcare professionals do not work as a team. (My physio coantacted the musculo-skeletal specialist but he just commented that the most common cause for my case is trochanteric think his comment speaks volumes of 'potluck diagnosis'.

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Steroid injection greater trochanteric bursitis

steroid injection greater trochanteric bursitis


steroid injection greater trochanteric bursitissteroid injection greater trochanteric bursitissteroid injection greater trochanteric bursitissteroid injection greater trochanteric bursitissteroid injection greater trochanteric bursitis