Steroid ferrets sold as poodles

I don’t know you but I feel that I know you. It’s amazing that these creatures who are on death’s door find you. This is no coincidence…something leads them to you and I feel it has to be a spiritual force. You are their angel…and so much more. People who would turn them away don’t have that connection. Everyone I know has rescue dogs and has had many. Sure, some were older and no one wanted them…just like all the elderly now who are just dumped off at a nursing home and left to die. Abusing dogs, all animals, children and senior citizens is demonic work. Those people will answer for this someday. You, and all of us who adopt and rescue any of God’s creatures, we will glow with the glory of God. I have noticed that we seem to find each other and I have made so many wonderful friends and we are strongly connected due to our love for the sad misfortunes that the pets we find have had in the past. I don’t know you but I feel great love for what you are doing …. thank you, you are a treasure!

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It is very important to be aware that rabbits can dig, and dig quickly and efficiently.  A determined rabbit will be able to dig out of a run on the lawn within around 30 minutes, possibly less if she gets help from a friend!  Females are more likely to burrow than males, but some males will still dig, so this must be taken into account if you intend to put your rabbits out on the grass.  If your rabbit is a proficient digger, you will need to line the run with chicken wire to prevent an escape.  The photos below show what was achieved within around 30 minutes of this rabbit being placed in a run.

Steroid ferrets sold as poodles

steroid ferrets sold as poodles


steroid ferrets sold as poodlessteroid ferrets sold as poodlessteroid ferrets sold as poodlessteroid ferrets sold as poodlessteroid ferrets sold as poodles