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As I mention above, the issues of dairy are with casein (the protein in cheese) and lactose (milk sugar).  Many people can't digest lactose, and casein is implicated in many allergies and sensitivities.  So that's why I say milk products are suspicious in proportion to their casein and lactose content: often cheese and milk are right out.  And some people are so sensitive to casein or lactose that even the tiny amounts in butter cause problems for them.  That's why one of my last steps is “Consider removing dairy from your diet.”

Hi there, i have nephrotic syndrome with high proteinuria and very low albumin.
I have read a lot of conflicting information regarding what whole food plant based foods I can eat. Some say various vegetables and fruit are a no no, others contradict that and say they are fine. Where can I find a reliable source of info to once and for all know with confidence what whole food plant based foods I can eat to gain back my health. I am only 38 with two young children and need to get strong and healthy again. I appreciate any help and advice.

Hey Ian,
Yep! You could use Serious Mass instead of the WHOLE workout shake. The weight gainer has all the carbs you’d need, so no need to add dextrose. It’s perhaps slightly less effective than our mix, but that’s hard to say, and the difference would be very negligible. The reason we don’t use it is because it costs around $10 a serving, whereas ours costs around $2. (Cheaper than food.)
Serious Mass tastes much better though!
Outside of your workout shake I wouldn’t use gainers. Stick to whole food or smoothies instead. Healthier, and you’ll get better results.
Hope that helps, and good luck!

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