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The Union Association survived for only one season (1884), as did the Players' League (1890), an attempt to return to the National Association structure of a league controlled by the players themselves. Both leagues are considered major leagues by many baseball researchers because of the perceived high caliber of play and the number of star players featured. However, some researchers have disputed the major league status of the Union Association, pointing out that franchises came and went and contending that the St. Louis club, which was deliberately "stacked" by the league's president (who owned that club), was the only club that was anywhere close to major league caliber.

From the inception of the show until 2006, bad calls were run with a loud horn-like buzzer. This buzzer was replaced in 2006 by Rome's imitation of the buzzer, dubbed "the manual buzzer." A female-voiced version, uttered during an otherwise strong call from Megan in Sacramento, has become unexpectedly popular with Rome as a "lame" manual buzzer, and the two are often interchanged with each other. Rome sometimes beats Alvin to the punch on a bad call by dropping a "live manual buzzer" before Alvin can use the recorded version. In 2010, the manual buzzer was modified by adding a track of LaDainian Tomlinson rapping "I don't like that call, not a very good call!" from his rap "Electric Glide". When there is a guest host while Rome is "in the basement", the original buzzer is used.

Palmeiro steroids quote

palmeiro steroids quote


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