Dog on steroids breathing heavy

My TWH mare developed heaves after a bad respiratory infection. It seemed that each year she got progressively worse and had more triggers initiating her wheezing. It was so bad that I literally thought I was going to have to completely retire her. I had tried several medications but the only thing that could get her wheezing under control was steroid injections. Her triggers were numerous ranging from extreme heat or extreme cold, certain weeds, dust,etc. and it seemed overwhelming. I was constantly looking for something to get her heaves under control and hopefully a more natural remedy. My riding friend came across an article explaining the research and success rates that were being seen with Aleira. She gave me the contact information and I contacted the vet that had done the research. He connected me with Arenus and the rest is history. My mare improved immediately on Aleira. She went from needing shots every month to only receiving two shots in the last year. It was truly amazing and I am so thankful for this product. My mare has regained her health and I am riding her consistently without any problems. She is a somewhat picky eater but she eats this product just fine. I mix it in her feed every evening with just a very small amount of water. She eats every bit of it thank goodness. I have no intention of ever removing or decreasing this from her diet. I highly recommend it.

This is the most common cause of dog itching and scratching. They usually develop after a couple of years of exposure, if they're going to develop at all. No one really understands why one individual will develop allergies, while the next one won't. Genetics are thought to play a part, since allergies often run in families. Repeated exposure is important, too. Other scientists theorize that it may have something to do with immunizations given at an early age, or with lack of exposure to certain diseases at an early age. We're learning a lot about the immune system, but there's a whole lot more to explore.

My Jack Russell is on his 7th day of double introductory dose of Apoquel and it worked within a few hours. He has food allergies so is on Hills Science Diet ZD prescription food, but also suffers seasonal allergies that begin in August and do not let up till our first heavy frost which can be weeks. I have tried everything for tis and nothing works. His under legs areas get raw and very yeast smelling and he scratches himself raw and chews his feet raw too. He is healed in a few days but is coughing a lot and very lethargic. I’m worried about the coughing so am considering discontinuing Apoquel. As long as he is on the ZD food, he has no problems so I though I would just keep him on Apoquel to get him through the seasonal allergies, but I’m worried the coughing during these weeks will harm him permanently.

Dog on steroids breathing heavy

dog on steroids breathing heavy


dog on steroids breathing heavydog on steroids breathing heavydog on steroids breathing heavydog on steroids breathing heavydog on steroids breathing heavy