Besittelse av anabole steroider

files [falz], archives [:kavz] scar [sk:] scarred [sk:d] arranged marriage [mærd] arrest [rest], apprehension [æprhenn] / arrest [rest], apprehend [æprhend] warrant [wrnt] (of arrest), warrant order, arrest warrant inheritance [nhertns] / inherit [nhert] "Pelt" (ordet er lagd med utgangspunkt i opplæringsprogrammet "Prison Officers Entry Level Training") (brit), prison officer under training, trainee [treni:] prison officers entry level training (brit) The admission Board [dmn b:d] assistant [sstnt] insurance [n:rns/--] insurance fraud [fr:d] asthma [æsm/æz-] / asthmatic [æsmætk/æz-] asylum [salm] the right to be granted asylum asylum-seeker, applicant [æplknt] for political asylum behaviour [bhevj], conduct [kndkt] deviant [di:vjnt] behaviour, behavioural disorder pattern of behaviour segregation [segrgen] separate [seprt] attempted assassination [temptd sæsnen] certificate [stfkt], testimonial / certify rehabilitation [ri:(h)blten] rehabilitation support occupational [kjpenl] rehabilitation rehabilitation officer rehabilitation grant [gr:nt] help to qualify [kwlfa] for work euthanasia [ju:nezj/-ne()], mercy killing sophisticated [sfstketd] system termination of punishment [pnmnt] (se også "soningsavbrudd") interrupt the execution of the sentence expose [kspz] wing, unit [ju:nt], section, ward [w:d] vulnerable [vlnrbl] prisoners' unit

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Besittelse av anabole steroider

besittelse av anabole steroider


besittelse av anabole steroiderbesittelse av anabole steroiderbesittelse av anabole steroiderbesittelse av anabole steroiderbesittelse av anabole steroider