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Johnny Bravo is sweet and friendly 5-month-old Shepherd mix pup that suffered a degloving injury to his front leg after being hit by a car. The folks at the Salinas Shelter contacted us to see if we could provide the medical care he needed. Johnny is currently at our AFRP Vet Clinic and is a charming boy who tolerates his daily bandage changes very nicely. He's on pain medication and is expected to make a full recovery. Johnny Bravo will be available for adoption once his wound has healed. Thanks for donating towards his medical expenses!

Your diet doesn’t have anything to do with supplements you take. Your diet should supplement the goals you’re trying to achieve. For example I’m cutting: I’ve reduced my calorie intake by 500 calories and reduced the amount of carbs by 50-60 grams and carb cycle once or twice a week to keep me from feeling drained. with the reduction in carbs I have increased the amount of protein I take in to help alleviate the break down of muscle for energy. Like I said earlier your diet should strictly help you achieve your fitness goals.

Scratches and bite wounds very often lead to a fatal septicemia if not treated aggressively. The patient should be evaluated for its overall condition and treated appropriately for blood loss or hypotension. The extent of wounds should be evaluated. If the patient’s condition allows, wounds should be thoroughly flushed and fractures stabilized. Aggressive antibiotics should be begun early in treatment. Piperacillin or cefotaxime combined with amikacin or tobramycin are a good choice and should be continued for a minimum of 5 days is indicated in these cases. If septicemia is suspected treatment for septic shock should be instituted (intravenous fluids, rapid acting steroids, and intravenous bactericidal antibiotics).

Animal cuts steroids

animal cuts steroids


animal cuts steroidsanimal cuts steroidsanimal cuts steroidsanimal cuts steroidsanimal cuts steroids