Anavar winstrol test stack

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Nolva has a diminishing effect after 40mg, hence you may aswell just throw it down the toilet. Clomid prevents the shutdown of LH production by inhibiting Oestrogen binding to receptors on the pituary gland. LH is what stimulates the leydig cells in the testes to produce testosterone.. So essentially clomid will encourage your nuts to start producing more natural test. Aus reccomends a protocol of running 50mg Clomid whilst on and also using it during PCT, as this is supposed to prevent the testes shrinking in the first place.. A good protocol and makes sense, never tried it myself and I know few have, but it depends if you're comfortable taking Clomid for that long (. due to risk of blurred vision etc.)

Anavar winstrol test stack

anavar winstrol test stack


anavar winstrol test stackanavar winstrol test stackanavar winstrol test stackanavar winstrol test stackanavar winstrol test stack